With the exciting onset of Virtual Reality technology heating up the tech world (FaceBook Oculus, MicroSoft Hololens, SONY PlayStation VR, Oculus/Rock Band 4, etc.), Beamz Interactive IP & Technology has the potential to become the next step of integration to create a new virtual reality interactive music category. At the heart of this interactive music opportunity is playing a musical instrument in a virtual fashion. You don’t strum a real guitar, strike a drum, bow a violin, or tickle the ivories of a real piano. It’s virtual. The musical notes are triggered via any video game controller delivering an extremely realistic performance. Combining these two concepts (VR technology and music) into one user experience will truly change how the world interacts with music. VR video game developers, limited only by their own imaginations, can create environments and avatars where people can jam together, such as a virtual music lounge with virtual musical instruments to play, where real people gather from around the world to play music of any genre together. Enter the Jazz Lounge, or Rockers Arena, or the Nashville Session Studio, or the Symphonic Symposium, etc. Or create a virtual band or orchestra or your favorite artist to accompany you. This is next-level vision at its highest. Virtual Reality meets Virtual Music. Please see the above video for a demonstration of this technology in a VIRTUAL REALITY environment.

​Beamz Interactive, Inc. (Beamz) is a broad interactive music technology and intellectual property (IP) company, including a broad range of music, augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual music and gaming applications.  Beamz is seeking partners, acquirers, and/or licensees that leverage Beamz strong technology and IP position.

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