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Management & Development Organization

Beam Interactive, Inc.

Charles R. Mollo, CEO
Charles Mollo is a seasoned business leader with expertise in a number of areas including wireless telecommunications, consumer electronics, computers and growing start-up organizations into successful publicly-traded companies. This included overseeing the development of a wide range of technology and product development programs. Prior to Beamz Interactive, Mr. Mollo was a co-founder and Chairman, President and CEO of Mobility Electronics, Inc. (subsequently iGo, Inc.), a NASDAQ company focused on developing and marketing innovative products for the converging mobile electronics industry. Under his leadership, Mr. Mollo led the founding entrepreneurial team and raised over $100 million, including an IPO, PIPE and other financings. In addition, the Company grew sales to an annual run rate of just under $100 million per year prior to his retirement in 2007.  Prior to Mobility, Mr. Mollo managed various corporate development, start-ups, investment pportfolios, and successful entrepreneurial ventures. He has an MBA from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering, NJ Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

Al Ingallinera Jr., Executive Vice President of Product Management
Al Ingallinera has more than 20 years’ experience launching new hardware and software technology products into consumer, business and vertical markets. Al is currently the owner of Evolution Marketing, Beamz EHC distributor in North and South America, as well as Beamz Executive Vice President of Product Management. Prior to Beamz Interactive, Al was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Ambir Technology, and prior to that Director of Corporate Marketing and Market Development for iGo, Inc. Other past employment includes marketing roles at Iomega Corporation and Merisel. Mr. Ingallinera received a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of San Diego and an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith Business School.

Todd Nystrom, Director Music & Video Production
Todd Nystrom has over 20 years’ experience with music production across many musical genres, focusing primarily on interactive music production since 2003 when he joined Beamz. Since 2001 he has operated his music & graphics production company from his home in Seattle, WA. Todd has created a substantial portion of the Beamz song catalog, in addition to managing its production and expansion, while directing all video productions. He has a complete understanding of the audio, video, and graphics production for Beamz, and has applied his extraordinary knowledge and creativity in the design of the interactive music experience consumers enjoy with Beamz. Todd is also credited with composing and creating an interactive pop song with renowned hip hop recording artist Flo Rida – Laser Light Show. With interactive music now in play in today’s competitive music industry, Todd draws from his vast experience to make every composition and production deliver the emotion and drama demanded by any given scenario.

Gary “Doc” Bencar, Senior Director Software Development
Gary “Doc Bencar” has over 30 years’ experience writing and managing software development, including software consulting, training, and development of high-end advanced applications of music and media technology as well as development of many MIDI and audio productions. He is also a musician. Starting as a business programmer/analyst on large IBM mainframes he became well established as an independent consultant.  In 1990 he began focusing only on electronic music production and performances.

With his vast experiences with music and computer technology, Doc architected a software solution and then programmed the first PC mouse-over Beamz Interactive Music System prototype in 2002 along with inventor Jerry Riopelle.  The Company re-coded the app in C++, added a 6 beam laser controller, and published it in 2007. He designed and oversaw development of a consumer version of the special in-house composing software.  Beamz Studio Lite was published in 2008, and the full implementation of Beamz Studio was released in 2009.

In 2010, Doc produced a Beamz mapping program that ran as middleware and allowed various DJ and other software to use the Beamz laser controller. In 2013, Doc began working on the new multi-platform Beamz Interactive Music Engine, where he worked directly with the programming teams (UI & Engine) and final-tested their work. The corresponding Beamz software applications for iOS, Mac, & Android formats was fully developed in 2013 and released in 2014.

Doc has also been the inventor of many of the patents secured by Beamz over the years, and currently continues with Beamz as their Senior Software Architect and Designer where he oversees and directs development partner activities.


Mindsight/Todor Fay, Consulting Interactive Audio Engine Development Partner
Todor Fay is the owner of Mindsight, the developer for Beamz interactive music engine. He has more than 25 years of software development experience and has developed nearly 50 successful digital media software products. A pioneer in MIDI and music technology, he co-founded The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks with partner Melissa Jordan Grey in 1988 where he led the creation of 17 music software titles and 6 audio hardware products. Blue Ribbon was subsequently acquired by Microsoft, where Fay led the creation of DirectMusic and ultimately managed all of the DirectX Audio APIs before moving to the Xbox division to work on advanced technologies.  Todor’s Mindsight development team consults with Beamz and manages the development of our interactive music engine enhancements and improvements under the direction of Doc Bencar.

Lolay, Consulting Application Development Partner
Lolay is our application development partner. The Lolay team has extensive experience in all aspects of application development, and has developed our iOS, MAC, and Android applications under the direction of Doc Bencar. See

Hotwire Development LLC
Hotwire Development LLC (See is our hardware development partner. Hotwire’s President is Jeff Doss, a Beamz board member with extensive experience developing and putting into low cost production a wide range of consumer products. Hotwire is an industrial design and product development company with an award winning design team that provides outstanding cost effective designs for all of Beamz product development requirements. The company has received many awards for the marketing, branding and product development of the Xbrand ergonomic computer products.

Jeff Doss and Charlie Mollo have worked together since the early 1990s at a host of different companies.  Mr. Doss is also CEO of ShowerStart, an innovative water and energy saving green company ( that produced a patented state-of-the-art showerhead.

Prior to forming Hotwire, Mr. Doss worked as the Co-Founder, VP Product Development, Technology & Marketing for Mobility Electronics, Inc. (subsequently iGo, Inc.) and a number of other successful, entrepreneurial efforts.  Mr. Doss graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.

Jerry Riopelle, Founder, Board Member, & Consultant
As the visionary and inventor, a board member, and a consultant to Beamz, Mr. Riopelle has taken his forty plus years of experience as an accomplished musician, songwriter and producer, and funneled it into the creation of one of the world’s most innovative new products.

Mr. Riopelle started creating the Beamz music system in 2001 after many years of envisioning an instrument that could activate sound with laser beams. With his passion for making music, he envisioned an instrument that anyone could play, that would feature many dimensions of sound that would always work together no matter how they were combined and that would provide a new performance element for accomplished musicians. Using his deep understanding of music and with assistance from software engineers, Mr. Riopelle worked daily for years to create the sophisticated, patented system that exists today.

Mr. Riopelle is a successful musician, songwriter, and producer, having written and produced Top 20 and Top 40 singles for a variety of recording artists and earning a job as producer at A&M Records as well as a staff writing position at Irving Music. During his years in Hollywood, Mr. Riopelle also wrote numerous songs and musical pieces for films and television shows.

Robert Klinger Patent Counsel
Robert Klinger has over twenty-five years of experience in patent development, prosecution, licensing, litigation, brokering, asset investment, pooling and exploitation. He has worked with Mr. Mollo for over 20 years in the patent and intellectual property area. He is currently a partner at the law firm Harness Dickey and Pierce (HDP) where he runs a patent practice. Prior to HDP Mr. Klinger founded his own firm, Intellectual Capital Holdings, LLC, a successful patent acquisition and licensing firm that practiced with offices in Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, and Delaware. He previously was an equity partner at Jackson Walker, L.L.P., specializing in the area of intellectual property, and prior to that he was with Larkin Hoffman and Munch, Wilson, & Mandella.  Mr. Klinger has also served as senior patent counsel for Nortel and as corporate patent counsel for Texas Instruments.  Mr. Klinger has a BSEE degree from Iowa State University and is a Registered Professional Engineer.  Mr. Klinger received his law degree from Hamline University and is a member of the Texas Bar, Minnesota Bar and the intellectual property section of the American Bar Association.